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Helena Logo and Brand

Helena. Noun: bright, shining light (Greek; Ελένη). Founded by Henry Elkus & Sam Feinburg in 2016, Helena is a new type of institution that seeks to address societal problems. The logo was modernized with increased crossbar stroke weight and kerned letterforms for ease-of-use. The two stems of the H represent the columns of an institution.

The crossbar, designed in the form of an ascending beam or bolt, symbolizes progress. A mature blue was chosen, as Helena partners with, and convenes established institutions for its Projects. In doing so, it seeks to become the preeminent socially-minded institution of our time. The logo was applied on a variety of media, including print, web, and social media.

A 5-part video series was produced and filmed in the Helena office, featuring Henry & Sam. Topics covered include: Helena's Mission, selecting Helena Members, selecting Helena Projects, the characteristics of Helena Projects, and the role of Helena Members. 

Helena-Monogram-WhiteBlue 071519.png

Logomark: Adopted June 2019

Typeface: Proxima Nova

Blue: #27479d

Video Series


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