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Red: #E51E25

Blue #253C7F

America in One Room Brand 

America in One Room was a historic gathering that brought together the most representative sample of the American voting electorate in U.S. history. Over the course of three full days, this group engaged in a civil and nuanced deliberation on the critical issues facing the United States. This process yielded important data concerning how Americans think about values, candidates, and policy issues when given the chance to think deeply, engage with different opinions, and deliberate in a fact-rich and respectful environment. America in One Room is a Helena Project.

When coming up with the name of the event, "America in One Room", Helena wanted to shy away from partisan narratives and campaign branding, and instead, focus on the broad, nationwide scope of the initiative. The logo concept uses the door and the red stripes on the American flag to express how participants deliberate and gather in the same "room". The stripes, colors, and font choice (Roboto), positioned the event as an official, mature initiative, and allude to American patriotic imagery without co-opting it.   


Graphics, banners, and signage were created for the event. Adapting the striped concept developed in the logo, bold red stripes adorn the bottom corners of each 15ft wide banner. These graphics were hung in the lobby of the Gaylord Texan Resort, welcoming over 500 citizen delegates, media, and external partners to the event.

Photos, which captured scenes from small groups, plenary sessions, and the overall event atmosphere, were used for print, media, and web.

Fundraising Pitch

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