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Created by Jason Liu, In One Room is a nonpartisan political event series that builds on the success of 'America in One Room'. Each statewide event will bring a representative sample of 1,000 citizens together in one location for 3 days of thoughtful, respectful political deliberations on the most pressing issues facing their states. In One Room would be launching in August 2021, starting with events in Michigan, California, and New York.

The logo concept features an open door, with the name of the event filling up the space of the 'room'. Each event features a color palette that represents their respective state colors (blue for the Great Lakes of MI, yellow for the CA sun, and orange for the art deco architecture of New York). The colors, combined with a serif and sans-serif font pairing (FreightText & Halyard) expresses the official, yet approachable nature of the event.

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Michigan In One Room

California In One Room

New York In One Room

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