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David Kim for Congress

David Kim is a Democratic candidate for Congress in California’s 34th Congressional District. He is fighting for a Universal Basic Income of $1,000/month (Freedom Dividend), Medicare For All, Free Public College, Tackling Climate Change with a Green New Deal, Banning Corporate Campaign Donations, and more.

Punchy, bright colors, and Avenir Next, a bold, sans-serif font were used for the campaign. Most often, the heavy weight and the italicized cases were the most dynamic, and expressed movement, change — all attributes embodied by the campaign and the candidate.

The color palette comprised of a combination of warm and cool tones, allowing for creative flexibility when designing across multiple platforms.

During the campaign, a unified communications strategy was implemented across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and through direct voter contact channels including ground game, text- & phone-banking operations. Print designs were developed for mailers, banners, and placards.

Photo Credit: Steven Chun

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