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TR20 logomark.png

Represented by Truman Fritz and Rose Ritch, Truman Rose 2020 is a campaign for USC Undergraduate Student Body President & VP. Inspired by athleisure, concert, and streetwear merchandise, the wordmark makes use of P22 Mackinac, a bold humanist serif font, italicized to bring more energy & movement to the mark.

Logomark: Adopted January 2020

Typeface: P22 Mackinac

The TR20 mark and the rose form the foundational elements of the identity system, adapted for print signage, flyers, and a myriad of online applications, from social media frames to website graphics. Paired with the creamy white, the brand is flexible yet recognizable, a departure from the traditional blues and navies of political campaigns..

Carmine Pink: #F04F50

Seashell: #F9F5EB

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