USC Signature Academic Events

USC Academic Honors and Fellowships' Signature Academic Events include Micro-seminars, Research & Fellowships Week, Undergraduate Writers' Conference, and the Undergraduate Symposium for Scholarly & Creative Work. 

Inspired by USC collegiate gothic architecture, the four marks create a logo system, each with unique differentiating elements, yet working as a collective. A flaming torch, with the arms extending outward represent the Research & Fellowships Week (1) logomark, symbolizing a relay race, and outward spread / passing down of knowledge.

Logomark: Adopted January 2020

Typeface: Adobe Caslon Pro

A curtain, forming an 'M', hangs over the figure of a person in the  Microseminars (2) logomark, representing the lecture-format of the event. A filament in the shape of a 'W' is contained within a lightbulb in the Symposium for Creative Work (3) logomark, symbolizing the theme of discovery within the creative process.


The 2 interior arms of the 'W' form a pencil in the Undergraduate Writer's Conference (4) logomark, representing the action of writing. These concepts were the winning selection in a contest of over 15 submissions. 

Crimson: #991d20

Gold: #ffce07